Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Few Updates

Hello my lovely readers.  I recently passed a big mile marker on my little blog here and am so excited to now have readers from every continent except Antarctica and to have passed over 600 hits.  I know this is small compared to some of the bigger beauty blogs out there but I'm pretty thrilled.

I know I've been bad about posting the last two weeks.  As I mentioned, a nasty summer cold hit first and then last week I received the sad news that one of my parents' best friends had passed away over the 4th from a sudden heart attack.  My sister and I had to schedule a last minute trip back to the Midwest for the funeral and we just got back in late last night.

The man who passed away used to drive my sister and I to school in the  morning along with his kids for many years so it felt like we had lost an uncle or another member of our family.  He was one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met and the world is definitely worse off without him.

On that note, my friend who passed away was very involved in several of his local charities including the Lafayette Urban Ministry (my hometown is Lafayette, IN).  So in his honor my highlighted charity for the month is that organization.  LUM runs several homeless shelters, soup kitchens and educational programs throughout the area.

I'm hoping to get back to regular posting now that the last two weeks are over.  Nothing like a reminder about how short life can be to help motivate you to follow your dreams.

I hope you've all had a good weekend and that your week starts out positively tomorrow.

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