Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Wish List: The Short List

Good morning Lovelies.  It's a busy day today so my Wish List is a little short but sweet.

Ever notice how when you travel your hair reacts differently to the water at the new location?  Well that's because there's lots of stuff in tap water, including chlorine, that isn't good for your hair.  Colorado has pretty yummy water (thanks Rocky Mountain Spring Water) but I'd still like the following item.

This is the Johnathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System. I know I know, this is a bit excessive, right?  Except I know people that have used it and swear by it. Their hair is happier and it's easier to get a consistent style. This just hooks up to your shower instead of your normal shower head so it shouldn't bee too hard to install or, if you're renting, take with you when you move.

According to the press release I received the System does the following:
Beauty Water Shower Purification System - $95.00
  • Filters Chlorine, heavy metals & harsh chemicals Reduces harmful VOC’s
  • Enhances pH balance
  • Softens hair and skin
  • Helps preserve hair color
How It Works:
  • Made up of Amorphous Titanium Silicate, a potassium charged zeolite, coated to a granular media made from carbonized coconut shells
  • During the first stage of filtration, chlorine is reduced substantially & the water is pre-conditioned to be neutralizing agents
  • In the second stage, the filter delivers the most effective elimination of VOC’s and synthetic chemicals, including heavy metals commonly found in tap water such as copper & lead
  • As the system removes heavy metals, it replaces them with healthy potassium ions to balance pH and produce the closest thing to pure, natural spring water possible
This falls under the category of "Want but don't Need" but I still want it!  I definitely notice the ends of my hair turning a few shades redder than my roots after a few months and my stylists over the years have always said it's because of the chemicals in tap water. 

Available at and 

Photo: Courtesy of BeautyPress

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