Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Footlogix at The Four Seasons Spa

So last Friday I was supposed to get a happy hour pedicure with a good friend of mine.  She works in downtown Denver and asked if "Four Seasons" would be OK.

I assumed she meant The Four Seasons Hotel and Spa.  My friend has excellent taste and I just assumed it was the right place.  I showed up at 6:00 pm for my appointment thinking I'd be meeting her in the spa area since she was going to get a manicure first.

The lovely staff at The Four Seasons Spa showed me right back and set me up at a pedicure station.  I look around and asked if a gal with blond curly hair was here as well, thinking that she maybe went to get a drink or to the ladies room.  They said no, I was the only one coming in at that time.  Hmmmmm....

After 5 more minutes and a few text messages later we figure out that there is another place called "Four Seasons Nails" that's only a few blocks from my house but that completely slipped my mind.  I guess it just goes to show how great the customer service is at The Four Seasons since they didn't even blink when I showed up without an appointment.  They didn't question me, just fit me right in.

At this point I was already soaking my feet and it would have taken me 20 minutes to get to where my friend was so we laughed and rescheduled.  I decided to just enjoy the pedicure and go with it.  I usually opt for a less expensive pedicure place but I really enjoyed my Four Seasons experience.  The massage was short but the other perks and the atmosphere were lovely.  They used a few products from a brand called Footlogix Pediceuticals.

The pedicurist raved about them and I couldn't believe how well the callus remover spray worked when she was buffing my heels.  I think it was this product.  She also used a massage mouse for the foot rub and it was amazingly smooth and moisturizing.  I think it was this product because I remember that the label was red and the product was a mouse.

I think it's very innovative that quite a few products in the line are targeted for specific issues and they have options for for sweaty feet or cold feet.  A lot of their moisturizing formulas contain urea which is great for really dry or cracked heels.

All in all it was a lovely spa experience.  I doubt I'd make The Four Seasons my regular spot because of the price but I'd take my mom or a good friend there for a special occasion.  It's is definitely top-notch when it comes to customer service!

Photo: Courtesy of BeautyPress

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