Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Wish List: The Chanel Edition

Today there's only one thing on my Friday Wish List.  It shouldn't be a surprise that it's from the Chanel Fall Collection.

I popped into Nordstrom yesterday to buy a shirt (I ended up with 3) and of course I had to stop by the beauty department.  I can't go into a Nordstrom beauty department without browsing the Chanel counter.

Unfortunately there was a really aggressive sales gal there yesterday so I didn't get to play quite as much as I normally do.  She was physically leaning on me while I was looking so I was only able to grab one quick photo of the new shadows before I decided to make a break for it.  I tried to go back again after I picked out my shirts but she caught me and was even pushier than the first time around.

If I had to decide on just one shade it would be Complice in the top left.  I was able to swatch it on my hand and it's beautiful but the photos just didn't turn out (stupid iPhone camera).  This would be great alone or layered.  My next choice would be Infini then Furtif.

Happy Friday!

Photo: Me

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