Monday, October 22, 2012

Get The Look: Bobbie Brown at Fashion Week

Bobbie Brown is a true phenomenon in the beauty world.  She is the queen of the "natural" look and has had some truly beautiful collections over the last few years.  I'm currently lusting over the "Extreme Party Eye Palette".

I was excited to receive some info about a few of the looks Bobbie did for NY Fashion Week and thought you might like to see them, too!  Bobbie worked on quite a few shows so I just picked out two of my favorites.

I love this photo of Bobbie touching up a model's makeup.

Holmes & Yang:  The brows, the brows, the brows!  There's no denying that the strong brows make this look.  How beautiful is this.  It's so subtle and classy.

About the Look:
“Holmes & Yang's debut fashion week collection evokes the accidentally beautiful girl who is feminine, yet still in charge. This contrast is conveyed through structured pieces juxtaposed by flowing silhouettes. With a color palette of neutral tans, bold reds and pops of blue, the beauty calls for a nude face. No makeup makeup is translated via dewy cheeks paired with long lashes, perfectly expressing the girl who is pretty but doesn't know it.”
Skin: Hydrating Face Cream ($52)Eyes: Ballet Pink Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($24), Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($22), No Smudge Mascara ($24)Cheeks: Antigua Illuminating Bronzer ($36)Lips: Bobbi Sheer Lip Color (Sheer Lip Color, Spring ’13, $24)Rockstar Products: Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Bobbi Sheer Lip Color 

Billy Reid:  What really stood out for me in this look is the eye makeup.  I think that a white, pearly look like this can be harder to pull off than most people think.  To white and you'll look 80's.  The lashes here really bring the look together and I love it!

About the Look:
“Billy Reid’s spring 2013 women’s wear debut marries his iconic hand tailored masculinity with fresh feminine shapes and textures. Natural fabrics in a neutral palette of whites and bones are balanced by pops of gold, which serves as the inspiration for the final beauty look featuring porcelain skin and subtle hints of gold on the eyes and lips. Cheeks are highlighted with a delicate wash of shimmery pink, giving a rosy warmth to an otherwise blank canvas. Inspired by a woman who is effortlessly angelic, the look represents an understated yet luxe beauty that is sophisticated and rich – she looks expensive without even trying.”
Skin: Hydrating Face Cream ($52)Eyes: Golden Pink Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks, Spring ’13, $28), No Smudge Mascara ($24)Cheeks: Antigua Illuminating Bronzing Powder ($36), Retouching Powder in White (Retouching Powders, Spring ’13, $36)Lips: Sunlit Nude Cheek Tint (Nude Beach Collection, Spring ’13, $25)Rockstar Products: Antigua Illuminating Bronzing Powder, Golden Pink Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

The Bronzing powder was a constant throughout all the different looks and I think you can see why from this photo.  It's subtle and natural looking, just what you'd expect from Bobbie.  Usually I shy away from anything with the term "bronzer" in it.  The traditional shades of orange or brown just look awful on my pale skin.  This looks more like a blush and I think I may have a new product to add to my wish list.  it's becoming a very long list....

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