Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arcona - 40% off for Black Friday!!!!!

I can't wait for Black Friday this year.

No I will not be going to the mall or to Wal-Mart or Target.  I will be going to www.arcona.com to place my annual MASSIVE Black Friday order for 40% off (Use PROMO Code "BLACK").

If you've been curious about this line then now is the time to jump in and try it.  It only applies to orders over $100 but trust me when I say it's worth it.  I'd recommend a Basic Five Kit that matches your skin type as well as the Triad Pads and any of their masks.

My personal favorites are:
  • The Solution and The Solution Pads - A fantastic glycolic acid based exfoliating PM serum 
  • Magic White Ice - An amazing hydrator chock full of antioxidants with antimicrobial properties
  • Desert Mist - Yet another product with hydration and antioxidants that's perfect on top of Magic White Ice
  • Cranberry Gommage - A bead filled exfoliating scrub with antibacterial properties
  • Raspberry Clarifying Bar - A cleansing bar that may look like soap but is an enzyme bar that works magic on your skin and is perfect for Clarisonic lovers
  • Triad Pads - Presoaked pads full of their Cranberry Toner (click here to see my review)

Part of my Arcona stash.
The two tubs on the right are Triad Pads and The Solution Pads.

I'll probably order more of all of the above products since I know I'll use them and I also want to get the Eye Serum, the Mandarin Brightening Peel and the Wine Hydrating Mask.

I could probably find a few more items I want but I have to cut myself off somewhere, right?  Other people deserve a few gifts this holiday season as well.

Logo: Arcona, Photo: Me

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