Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diva Nails: Mariah Carey by OPI

I can't lie.  I'm rarely a big fan of "Celebrity Collections".  They can end up being tacky with celebrity photos or signatures all over the normally pretty packaging.  I hated when L'Oreal did  this a few years ago.  Why would I want a lipstick with Eva Longoria's signature on it?

I totally understand the power of celebrity endorsements but something about personalized collections or products just bother me.  I've never even purchased a celebrity fragrance because why would I want to be Jennifer Aniston or Beyonce?  I'd rather be CoCo Mademoiselle.

I changed my mind however about the Mariah Carey by OPI collection.  This new release has some really beautiful colors in it and includes four of their new OPI Liquid Sand™ lacquers that have a textured, matte finish with reflective sparkle.  These are supposed to be worn without a top coat which can be a time saver for those on-the-go mani/pedis.  Also, tacky signatures are no where to be seen on the bottles.

Here's a preview of the new shades:

Butterfly Moment

Anti Bleak

Can't Let Go


Stay The Night


Yet Lavender

Get Your Number

My favorites are definitely Anti Bleak, Can't Let Go, Sprung and Stay The Night.

Photos: OPI courtesy of BeautyPress.com

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