Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Meh" Products Don't Have to be a Waste of Money

You win some, you lose some.  Not every product you buy can be a winner but that doesn't mean it's a waste of money.  Maybe it just didn't work for your hair or skin type or maybe you hated the smell but no need to throw it into the trash!  Here are my recommendations for products you just don't love.

1)  Conditioner:  I recently bought the organix conditioner shown above during my mint kick but it just wasn't a show stopper.  The smell was off (think toothpaste not peppermint candy) and it just didn't seem to do much for my long straight hair.  My hair actually felt rougher after using it than with other conditioners.  My solution is to use a less than stellar conditioner on my legs when I take a bath before shaving.  This particular conditioner seems to be working really well!  I slather on a layer when I get into the tub and it's so thick that it stays on even once my legs are submerged.  This softens the hairs and makes for a closer, smoother, less irritating shave.

2)  Shampoo:  If I dislike a shampoo I end up using it as a bubble bath.  It adds fragrance and bubbles to my bath and it can also be used as above to help soften hair before shaving.

3)  Face Creams or Serums:  Unless I dislike a face product because of an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis I will end up using it somewhere else on my body.  Creams and serums are great to use on your neck, chest or hands which can handle heavier products.  These areas don't have as many oil glands as your face does so they need those heavier anti-aging products that usually cause my face to break out.

4)  Face Scrubs or Exfoliators:  I use too-strong scrubs on my hands, feet, elbows and knees since these places tend to need more exfoliation.  Some scrubs can be WAY to tough on gentle face skin but perfect for an at home mani or pedi.  Chemical exfoliators can also help out rough, tired feet by dissolving some of those dead skin cells.  Make sure you don't have any open wounds, cuts or blisters because that would be both painful and dangerous.  I'll apply using a cotton ball, let it set for just a little bit of time (follow the product's instructions no matter where you apply it!), rinse it off and then use a pumice stone to help remove any dead skin that didn't slough off.

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