Thursday, January 24, 2013

20% Off Prescriptives Vibrant-C Products

I will always think fondly of Prescriptives.  It was one of the first lines that really got me into cosmetics and skincare.  I was heartbroken when it was discontinued and then elated when it came back, at least online.

I've used their Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer for YEARS and their Vibrant-C line is also an all time favorite.  I just placed an order last night for the eye cream and a new concealer and I'll do full reviews when they arrive (I need new products for pretty pictures after all).

I saw a banner add on Go Fug Yourself, one of my favorite websites, for 20% off the Vibrant-C line which includes the Brightening Eye Cream and the Brightening Cream Moisturizer so I had to go and get the eye cream.  The best thing about this line is that the products have luminizers that help brighten the skin and camouflage dark circles like a built in highlighter.

Use the code VIBRANT12 today to try it for yourself.


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