Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A $19 Winter Skin Saver

As I've mentioned in the past I used to work in fundraising for a children's hospital.  Like many industrial or office buildings the heating systems in the winter wreaked havoc on my skin and post LASIK eyes.  I'd look at myself in the mirror and my eyes were bright red (not hot) and my skin was so dry that I'd have to slather it with Aquaphor the moment I got home.

Finally, I was walking around Walgreens and I saw a small personal humidifier that you could hook up to a bottle of water.  I bought it and started using it all day, every day at the office.  I kept it right next to my keyboard so that I'd get as much mist as I could.

I immediately noticed that my eyes were less red at the end of the day and my skin was still dry but much less so.  I saw a great option at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day that is MUCH better looking than the one I bought at Walgreens and anyone working at a desk all day should zip out and get one.  I haven't used this specific model but Homedics is a pretty reputable brand.  This one can even plug into your computer's USB port for power.  Bed Bath & Beyond is great about returns if you don't like it.

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