Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara

When I first saw the Cover Girl commercial for Clump Crusher featuring Pink I was really excited to try it. Over the last 10 years Cover Girl has taken over the drugstore mascara market but they've never been my favorite. I hate the tacky colored packaging and usually I just don't love the results as much as other brands but I do usually like the actual brush. Clump Crusher's brush has a nicely curved shape that I found easy to use but I thought the cap was a little bulky for my taste.

As I've mentioned before a huge peeve of mine is clumpy mascara so I'd hoped that this one would be different. To be honest I was underwhelmed. This gives what one would call a "natural look". By natural I mean it's almost more of a lash tint that anything else. I didn't really notice much increase in volume despite the claims of 200% more volume and I only noticed a tiny amount of lengthening which is probably due to tinting the lighter colored tips of my lashes more than anything else.



Check out the difference between two coats of Cover Girl Clump Crusher (above) compared to two coats of my favorite Revlon Photo Ready 3D that I reviewed here (below). I think the photos speak for themselves.

With Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

I do use Cover Girl Clump Crusher periodically when I'm about to run some errands and va-va-voom lashes would look out of place when I'm not wearing any other makeup. Like a lot of other thin mascaras this one is buildable to a certain degree but don't expect that three coats are going to make your lashes look like DiorShow can. My experience with Clump Crusher wasn't even perfectly clumpless though it wasn't a big offender in that category.

Anyways, this product isn't useless by any means, it's just not my taste. Someone who's going for the no makeup makeup look would probably like this. My sister has sensitive eyes and this was nice for her because she doesn't go for a dramatic look and it didn't flake off into her eyes. Someone with naturally long lashes or who is using a lash growth product like Latisse may also like this because it'll highlight what they already have without feeling too heavy.

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