Thursday, February 14, 2013

Show Review: "The Face" on Oxygen

For years I was a fan of America's Next Top Model. I loved seeing the girls transformed and made over as well as the behind the scenes access into the creation of such beautiful photos. It was an entertaining look into the world of fashion and modeling that was new and fresh.

Unfortunately the last few seasons have just been awful with Tyra's ego getting out of control. Remember the Motion Editorial for her book "Modelland"? In case you didn't get to see it watch the YouTube video below. It gave me nightmares for a few weeks and no, it didn't make any more sense if you'd been watching the whole season than it does as a stand alone video.

The show became cheesier and less legit when it came to the fashion partners involved but the final straw for me was this last season when they not only fired Nigel, Mr. Jay and Ms. Jay but they decided to give it a college theme and make the fourth judge a compilation of various social media outlets. I made it through 3 episodes before I couldn't take it anymore.  Despite what Tyra said about finding the next top model it because more about the next big personality.

Luckily for me a new show has stepped forward to take ANTM's place and it's called "The Face". The title comes from the final prize which is a campaign with Ulta as the new face of the beauty giant. I was a big fan of Ulta before Denver got a Sephora but I haven't been as often lately since it's more of a drive. It's classed up a lot in recent years with a wider variety of non-drugstore brand cosmetics and some powerhouse skincare lines like Dermalogica.

The basis of the show is that three supermodel coaches with OODLES of street cred have teams of four girls. The supermodels in question are Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha and all three are fabulous in their own way. The fact that Nigel Barker, my main squeeze from ANTM, is the host is just the cherry on top.

I love that Nigel is on this show after being cut from ANTM because the longstanding rivalry between Tyra and Naomi is something that Tyra always alludes to on her show and mentions in every interview she gives and I can't help but think that this must have been a big "screw you" moment for Nigel. Naomi's well known competitiveness and cattiness are already on display in the first episode and sets the tone for some drama down the road.

Like ANTM, The Face puts all 12 girls into one house which is always a great environment for some made-for-TV drama. In the first episode there was an individual challenge each episode and then a team challenge.

The individual challenge involved test shots pitting two girls against each other in a "Who Wore it Best" showdown. Naomi was the judge for this competition and the overall winner received a $5000 shopping spree at Top Shop.

For the group challenge the three teams competed for a shot in W Magazine. Premier photographer Patrick Demarchelier took the shots which shows The Face can attract the top tier partners from the fashion industry. Karolina's team won that challenge so Naomi and Coco had to pick one girl from each of their teams to be up for elimination. The winning judge, in this case Karolina, then chose who went home.

So far I'm liking this show. I needed something to fill the ANTM void and hopefully this will continue on this same path. I love getting to know the supermodel coaches better, especially Coco Rocha who is absolutely adorable and likable.

Has anyone else been watching? What are your thoughts?

The Face is on Tuesday nights on Oxygen.

Videos: ANTM on YouTube and The Face on YouTube

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