Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A "Small" Announcement

Hey everyone. I hope your week is going well!  I'm excited to announce that Hubby and I are expecting!  I'm 5 months along and due in July.  We just found out this morning that everything looks good so far and it's a GIRL!  Of course the first thing I did after our appointment this morning was go shopping.

Seriously, how cute are are these little owl footie jammies?  

I've been really lucky that I haven't been too sick to my stomach but I have been breaking out like CRAZY.  Yes, I've been breaking out like a teenager for 4.5 months.  Hormones are fun.

I've had to look for some new options since a lot of the usual anti-zit powerhouses aren't considered safe during pregnancy.  These include retinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Luckily glycolic and lactic acid are considered safe as are sulfur, tee tree oil and kaolin clay but sometimes the hormones just get out of control and nothing can help.  I've also resorted to some over-the-counter cortisone cream for the really nasty chin zits since my doctor said that is safe in small doses.

Even though most sites I've found consider glycolic acid safe, I've been scaling WAY back on my use of it just to be sure.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there and, since no one wants to experiment on pregnant women and babies, not a lot of concrete data.

Even the ingredients you should avoid haven't really been studied much when applied topically.  They've been detrimental when ingested orally (Accutane, Aspirin, Ibuprofen) but the data isn't as concrete when it comes to whether enough of the topical applied ingredients can be absorbed into the bloodstream to really do any harm.  Most pregnant women, including me, don't want to take that chance though so avoidance is the best solution.

I freaked out a bit at the beginning of the pregnancy and emailed another blogger, Carissa at Hooked On Beauty, since she had a baby earlier in the year.  I wanted to see what she used and if she had any tips and tricks.  She sent me this link at Baby Center that she found helpful and I agree.  She also did this post on safe skincare during pregnancy.

I have found a few great products to review that I've liked since changing up my routine including a great masque from Eminence, a witch hazel cleanser and toner and a few products from MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

Now that I can talk about WHY I'm using all these products get ready for a lot of new reviews.  I hadn't wanted to say anything about being pregnant until after this appointment so I've been stalling for the last couple of weeks.

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