Friday, March 22, 2013

Shoes, Pretty in Purple & Other Good Beauty Links

Happy Friday!

In general I'm not a big clothes horse but I love me some new shoes.  I've been looking for some classic nude pumps for a long time and I finally found these Corso Comos at Nordie's.  I have another pair of these shoes in a python pattern that I love as well.  This particular shoe, Del, is extremely wearable and comfortable.  The heel is high enough to be sexy but not too high to walk in and there is a lot of cushion built into the sole.

Now that the baby bump is getting bigger I'm wearing flats more and more.  Since half of my wardrobe is back and white I just couldn't pass up these adorable polka dot ballet flats from Halogen.  Love them!

Since it's Friday and anyone at work is probably just killing time until 5:00 I thought I'd post a few links to some of my favorite beauty blogs.
  • I ran across this post on Makeup & Beauty Blog about two new eyeliners from Milani.  I love them and want to go get them right now.  If you like pretty purple makeup check it out.  MBB is one of my favorite blogs out there. Karen is one of the top beauty bloggers today and she knows her stuff.  She does a lot of different looks and always has the scoop on new releases.  She's also a kickass photographer so her blog is fun to check out even if you're not a beauty junkie like me
  • I'm not a huge perfume junkie myself but I love reading The Non-Blonde.  Gaia posts the most gorgeous vintage photos on her site and has some great descriptions of a lot of prestige beauty lines.
  • If you're interested in the science of beauty then you should start reading  Nikki has a great background thanks to her time in med school and has even started her own line of skincare after winning a start-up competition in Philadelphia.  I mentioned her Time Release Retinol here.

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