Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

The first of my newly discovered preggo-friendly skincare products I want to share with you all is from Eminence. There has been a lot of buzz lately about the benefits of probiotics for skin both when ingested and when applied topically and Eminence has a great skin clearing mask that includes this miracle ingredient. Probiotics "eat" the bad bacteria that can cause breakouts and have also been shown to reduce redness and inflammation.

The Clear Skin Probiotic Masque contains probiotics in the form of yogurt (yay lactic acid!!!), kaolin clay to suck up oils and gunk, tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic, cucumber to tone and refresh and omega fatty acid containing shea butter to moisturize and balance the drying properties of the clay.  

It's so nice to find a clearing mask that doesn't just rely on salicylic acid or some form of retinol to fight breakouts. The lactic acid is also a nice, light exfoliator to help get rid of pore clogging dead skin cells.

The masque itself is very think and creamy, just like yogurt. It's not the prettiest masque since it has little green bits in it that made hubby cringe a bit and ask what the heck I was putting on my face. It smells refreshing because of the cucumber and has a menthol-like quality from the tea tree oil.  

I don't usually like when masques come in tubs because of the sanitation issues but Eminence kindly provides a little scoop so you don't have to dip your bacteria covered fingers into the product each time you use it. Just don't lose the scoop and be sure to clean it after each use.

The directions say to emulsify the masque with a few drops of water but I decided not to because I was feeling lazy. This masque feels very tingly and cooling when applied which some people would call a "hot" masque. The first time I used it I left it on for the recommended 5-10 minutes. After I experienced no side effects or irritation I started leaving it on for 20 minutes to make sure I get the maximum benefit.

I try to use this once a week and I really like it. I feel like any current zits I have look less inflamed after using this and my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized. It's a great mask in the winter because it isn't as drying as most masks that contain clay.

A 2oz tub will run you about $54 but I've already used this quite a few times and have barely put a dent in it. I bought it at my gym spa but you can buy Eminence at most of the big online skincare sites like Lovely Skin, DermStore and SkinCareRX.

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