Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Lipsticks

Like every other new mom I recently ventured to the mall, excited to try on non-maternity clothes. I still have 10-15lbs to lose but I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. Unfortunately it did. I wasn't overly upset because, hey, I just had a baby and the doctor only cleared me to work out a week or so ago so I need to be realistic.

At that point I said "screw it" to new clothes and headed to the beauty section. First stop was Chanel, aka "Old Reliable". I'm pretty much guaranteed to find something beautiful there and nothing says luxury like Chanel. I ended up with some eye shadow to add to my collection and a lipstick.

Next stop was Sephora to purchase a Givenchy lipstick. I knew this one would be a winner because I had gotten it as a sample from Sephora and loved it until an unfortunate encounter with the toilet. Whoops!

Behold, two beautiful lippies guaranteed to make me feel pretty again! For all the other mamas reading this, yes, that's a Aden and Anais swaddle blanket that I'm using as a backdrop.

On the left we have Rouge Coco Shine in Fiction (81). I used to be devoted to Chanel's Aqualumiere lipsticks but of course they discontinued those around the same time they discontinued my Teint Innocence Liquid Foundation... Sad Panda. Since then, I decided I prefer the Rouge Coco Shine line to the other lipsticks.

Fiction is a bright fuchsia/berry with some sparkle. It looked brighter out in the real world than it did in Nordstrom but I decided to keep it and make it work.  It wasn't the color itself that I didn't like as well but the glitter that showed up more in natural light. This is definitely an evening look for me and one that I can't wear if I have a heavy eye look. It goes great with a lighter, more neutral eye though and makes my green eyes look even greener.

On the right we have my Givenchy selection, Le Rouge in Brun Createur (103). This is as close to a nude (when it's applied lightly) as I can wear, but as you'll see in the swatch below it still has quite a bit of color. I also rarely wear anything coral or orange tinted but the sample changed my mind. If you're pale like me this may be a good alternative to neutral for you.

This lipstick is also very matte which is also not my preferred look. Basically this lipstick was quite the departure from my usual shiny berry-tinted routine. The first time I wore it out was when Hubby and I were in the mountains on our Babymoon. Hubby commented how much he liked the change so I decided to work it into my pile of regulars.

Since both of these lipsticks were not-quite-perfect as-is I decided to soften Fiction out a bit and add a little shine to Brun Createur with one of my favorite glosses from Naked Princess. I layered just a touch of Naked Shine Lip Gloss in Coco over both lipsticks for the perfect look.

On a final note, the Givenchy Le Rouge line comes in a unique leather tube that I first thought was a really glamourous idea. On second thought not so much. Unless you never ever put your lipstick in a bag with anything else then you're going to ding up the leather with nicks and scratches and any loose powder floating around sticks right to it. I'm sure it can be cleaned up with any type of leather polish but what a pain. I don't regret getting it though because I love the color but I've been keeping it in the bow it came in to protect the leather.

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