Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rebecca Taylor @ New York Fashion Week

One of my goals in life is to make it to New York Fashion Week someday. I've been to a few shows here in Denver over the years including a Diane von Furstenberg show benefiting Children's Hospital Colorado and couldn't have had more fun. The music, the lights, the hair, the clothes, the makeup....

Anyways, it's always fun to see the coverage of Fashion Week each season so I'll be sharing shots from a few shows courtesy of Beauty Press.

First up is Rebecca Taylor (Spring Summer 2014). The makeup was by MAC and emphasized a heavy kohl rimed eye and matte skin. Matte seems to be the trend this season but I just can't wear that look. My pale skin looks dead without a little glow. The hair was air dried and naturally wavy thanks to Oribe.

Photo Source: beautypress
Photocredit: Gustavo Villar

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