Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meet My New Best Friend from Yummie Tummie

So my quest to lose the baby weight is progressing pretty well.  I have about 10-12lbs to go which feels so much better than 15-17lbs for some reason. Even though my clothes are starting to fit better and I have the best excuse in the world for an unsightly bulge here and there I've found a secret weapon to smooth things out without making me want to pass out or rip my clothes out when I have a claustrophobic panic attack (Spanx, I'm talking to you).

Fellow fans of Real Housewives of New York will be familiar with the brand Yummie Tummie since the founder is part of the cast. I always liked Heather Thompson on the show but now I love her because of her Yummie Tummie Kristina Reversible Slimming Tank.

This tank has a super reinforced panel around the belly with nice wide straps that cover all bra straps. It is pretty long and looks like a normal cami if it sticks out below your top. It smooths out your tummy, side and back all at the same time.  I loved this particular top because it's reversible front-to-back so you can go scoop neck or v-neck.


Scoop Neck

I got one in black and one in white at Nordstrom and they were well worth the $44 price tag as far as I'm concerned. They are really comfortable and effective without being restrictive. While I may have bought these to help me out with my post baby belly pooch these tanks have definitely earned a permanent place in my wardrobe. 

When I was reading more about Heather for the link above I learned that she actually started Yummie by Heather Thompson after she had kids and hated all the other shapewear options. The only issue I have, and this only applies to nursing moms, is that because of the tight fit it's nearly impossible to nurse unless you roll it up over your bust. I've scooted it to the side a few times when I was wearing the v-neck side but I worry that doing so too often will affect the shape of the garment. 


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