Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: SinfulColors Leather Luxe & Crystal Crush Nail Polishes

I was really excited when SinfulColors contacted me to review some colors from their new collections. I love nail polish and couldn't wait to check out these fun shades.

The Leather Luxe Collection is a richly pigmented collection with a matte finish. Matte is very trendy right now but this was actually my first experience with it and I have to say that I really liked it.

The two colors from this collection that I was sent were Leather Loose, a beautiful "safari sinful brown" and My Turn, a pretty steel grey. I thought that the grey was going to be my favorite since I've gone for grey and greige shades before but I really fell in love with the rich brown of Leather Loose.

Leather Loose

My Turn

If for some reason matte just doesn't do it for you but you love the gorgeous shades then just apply a clear top coat for a more traditional look. The colors were lovely either way and I also really appreciated how fast these dried. Baby Girl woke up from her nap an hour early right after I had applied My Turn. I knew I had to change a diaper and accepted that I'd mess up my newly painted nails but I was wrong! These dried faster than express dry polishes I've tried in the past.

The second collection I got to try was Crystal Crushes. I requested Got a Blush on You and Purple Gleam. These rich, jewel-toned shades are full of sparkle and have a matte, textured finish. If you run your fingertip over the dried polish it feels a little rough which I have seen before in other polish lines.

Purple Gleam

Got a Blush on You

What is really different about SinfulColors compared to other trendy lines is the price point. Instead of costing $10 each or more these beautiful polishes are only $1.99 (Leather Luxe) and $2.99 (Crystal Crushes). Both collections are available exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013. At that price you can buy the entire collection for the price of one or two colors in other lines.

Leather Luxe Display at my local Walgreens

Leather Luxe has 7 shades with leather-inspired finishes:

  • Whipped: beguiling black
  • Laced Up: enthralling orange
  • Cold Leather: enchanting night sky
  • My Turn: stunning steel
  • Leather Loose: safari sinful brown
  • Strapped: scintillating seafoam
  • Get It On: bravely berry

Crystal Crushes has 8 gem-inspired shades:

  • Got a Blush on You: flirty fuchsia
  • Blue Persuasion: sapphire'd up!
  • Orange Crush: twinkling tangerine
  • Treasure Chest: sea worthy bling
  • Emerald Envy: a glint of green
  • Purple Gleam: glistening lavender
  • Ruby Mine: ravishing red
  • Face the Facets: banana bling

You can follow SinfulColors on Twitter @SinfulColors_NP or like them on Facebook Sinfulcolors Professional for updates on new collections.

Which color do you want to try first? I really want to get Cold Leather, a beautiful dark blue and Ruby Mine for the holidays.

Disclosure: These samples were sent to me by SinfulColors for review but all opinions are my own.

Photos: Me


  1. My Turn looks quite interesting, I like it! And Got A Blush On You is super pretty :-)

    1. Kiss & Makeup,

      I wore My Turn around for a few days after taking the photos and I got a TON of compliments on it. It wore really well, too. Usually I chip nail polish in a day but this lasted for much longer. I had to take it off for my sister's wedding so I can't say how long it would last when left alone but I'll definitely wear it again soon. It's a strong color so I recommend having shorter nails with it.

      I have Got a Blush on You on my toes right now and I love it.

      Thanks for reading!